Closing of START IT UP Program

07 August 2020

Jakarta, 05 August 2020 – INOTEK has conducted the closing program START IT UP, A PATH TO ACCELERATE MICROPRENEURS in Rusunawa Pulogebang. This program is an entrepreneurial empowerment program supported by Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia with a vision to improve the standard of living of the community and to become a Resilient SGBs. The program has been running for 8 months which has involved entrepreneurial stakeholders, public figures & mentors to encourage entrepreneurs to scale up, to be resilient during a pandemic, and also the program support the stability of the national economy.

For 8 months we have carried out various activities starting from Talkshow Ready to Succeed with Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial mindset, current entrepreneurship & digital marketing), Business Coaching and Mentoring, Packaging & Branding Workshop, Logo Making, Product Photos, and Videos, Copy Writing & Tagline, SGBs Go Online Registration, Online Seminar, Launching, offline and online market expansion, business module & catalog creation and business permit registration.

INOTEK gratitude goes to the stakeholders who have been involved in this activity Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia, the management of UPRS Pulogebang, mentors, and several assistants as well as all UPRS Pulogebang entrepreneurs. We hope that in the future SGBs will be successful and become examples to become strong entrepreneurs.

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