Innovator: Clara M. Kusharto


  • High protein source to fulfill nutritional needs for infant, children and elderly.
  • Accelerating the healing process for sick infant, children and adult.
  • As an additional ingredient for snacks, crackers and porridge.


  • Prevent malnutrition for infant, children and adult.
  • Affordable price for middle and low income consumers.


  • Nutrition composition: water 7.99%, protein 63.83%, fat 10.83%, and carbohydrate 20.51%
  • Catfish’s protein contains amino acid essential
  • Does not taste and smell like catfish
  • Accelerating the healing process during illness
  • Easy to consume
  • Produced by PT. Carmelita Lestari

Incubation Status: Commercialization stage

Incubation Period: March 2011- June 2014



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