Celebrating 14th Years of INOTEK Foundation

10 January 2022

Jakarta, January 10, 2022 | It is not easy to achieve our vision as a credible business incubator but this goal that will never fade. Working hard sincerely and thoroughly is a principle that is taught and we always apply it. Achievement is a goal that we always want to reach and we never give up on achieving it.

For us, 14 years is not just a number to celebrate but an achievement to measure how much we have made a good impact and spread benefits to the surrounding environment through our competence as a business incubator for the dissemination of appropriate technology and entrepreneurial spirit and to achieve the welfare of the wider community.

In 2021, INOTEK run 5 programs, namely the incubation program, the Indonesian Innovation Startup program, Women Technopreneur Indonesia, Build Back National Economy Better, Catalyser SEED Indonesia which is aimed at supporting and assisting technopreneurs, women-technopreneurs, ecopreneurs, and MSMEs to be able to survive and struggle during the pandemic and be able to rise to help restore the Indonesian economy.

We also made breakthrough activities to be able to provide optimal services by creating a learning platform.inotek.org, collaborating to encourage MSMEs to go digital, holding a hybrid MSME Festival, assisting in managing legality for startups, and MSMEs through registration of NIB and HKI.

We always highlight INOTEK’s measurable and quantitative achievements where during 2021, the startups we incubated amounted to 5 startups that have earned a total revenue of 1 billion, the total participants who took part in the business scale up workshop were more than 4,244 MSMEs, we have opened +900 jobs from We have assisted 550 MSMEs intensively, and we have provided green technology to 70 MSMEs in support of the triple bottom line principle.

Of course, this achievement is not the result of work alone but by collaborating with various parties from Ministries, NGOs, and international institutions.

We also tracked the carbon footprint resulting from INOTEK’s activities, where there was an increase of 16% from 2020, but this was due to offline activities that we also held and the addition of 5 personnel.

Participants participating in the INOTEK program increased by 44% compared to 2020, due to hybrid activities and our unrelenting passion for making a wider impact, this increase can happen.

INOTEK also refers to the implementation of ISO 26000 and supports the achievement of the SDGs with the activities we carry out.

Hopefully, in 2022, INOTEK will be able to work and provide more significant value and impact for the progress and prosperity of Indonesia.

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