05 May 2021

Entrepreneurs as a support for the nation’s economy have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic where for more than one year their business has experienced a decline in turnover due to limitations in business movements so that an economic recovery system is needed for entrepreneurs to be able to adapt and change business models according to pandemic times. The Indonesian Technology Innovation Foundation (INOTEK) in collaboration with Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia continues the vision of restoring the community’s economy, especially entrepreneurs, so that they are competitive and can rise during this pandemic by launching the Build Back National Economy Better Program on 29 April 2021 which is carried out directly at Rusunawa Marunda and online streaming via zoom and youtube.

This program is a continuation of the Start It Up Program, a Path to Accelerate Micropreneurs which was implemented in 2020 in providing assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs in the Pulogebang and Komaruddin Rusunawa. In 2021, the BBNEB program will be implemented in 6 Rusunawa, namely Marunda, Pinus Elok, Rawa Bebek, Jatinegara, Jatirawasari, and Cipinang. This activity is carried out with a different concept from the concept of previously applied programs, which mostly consist of various hard skills training.

INOTEK, which is fully supported by Sampoerna Untuk Indonesia (SUI), is collaborating with strategic partners, namely the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta through the Public Housing and Settlement Service (DPRKP), the Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and SMEs (DPPKUKM) and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Central Counseling and Legal Aid, to carry out comprehensive programs to strengthen entrepreneurs in managing businesses and focus on downstream products through the application of 3 entrepreneurial principles, namely People, Planet and Profit.

The BBNEB program offers a mentoring and training program for product commercialization so that entrepreneurs are not only fed with product-making workshops & pieces of training but how to make their products salable and competitive in the market. Because we believe in product innovation, of course, it must bring business benefits to the maker so that it can improve their welfare and standard of living.

The launching of the BBNEB Program was held with a seminar accompanied by a talk show to increase awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship contributing to the Indonesian economy and increasing the business capacity of the residents of the flat to be able to switch to going online. This entrepreneurship seminar was filled with mentors who are competent in their fields, namely Mr. Indra Uno who explained how to survive in this pandemic, followed by Mrs. Intan Erlita who said that being an entrepreneur is a blessing because it can have a social impact and how an entrepreneur should have a mindset in order to be successful. At the end of the seminar, session was the delivery of tips for entrepreneurs to go online by Mr. Juanda Rovelim. In providing “success stories” to the participants, a talk session was held by inviting the Top 10 Festival #SampoernauntukUMKM which had succeeded in advancing their business using social media. These 10 MSMEs, shared their experiences that the use of social media during a pandemic has become very important in reaching a wider range of consumers so that the limited space for promotion can be opened at a more efficient cost. In addition, this activity was also enlivened by the existence of a UMKM product bazaar that featured the faces of UMKM products from the Marunda Rusunawa.

The Build Back National Economy Better Program consists of 10 stages, namely 1. product downstream support through training, mentoring, and mentoring: 2. strengthening product value; 3. instilling environmental and social-based business values; 4. register and open online access; 5. expand the business network; 6. promote products through; 7. registration of business legality and intellectual property; 8. Demoday; 9. opening access to finance; 10. using appropriate technology.

INOTEK and Sampoerna’s hope for Indonesia with the holding of this program is that the holistic activities that will be carried out can become the forerunner for MSMEs everywhere to be able to move up in class through Go-Online and have a significant impact in reviving the economy of the residents of Rusunawa.

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