Biodegredible Plastic for Indonesia’s Future Workshop

19 November 2019

Plastic waste has become a big problem in the world, including in Indonesia. Plastic waste in Indonesia is an important concern that takes years to decipher. This plastic waste is even eaten by animals on land and at sea. Noryawati Mulyono then looked for environmentally friendly plastic replacement solutions. Since 2010, he has been researching creating biodegradable plastic made from seaweed. Biodegradable packaging is bioplastic from seaweed which is edible and easily biodegradable in nature. In the Habibie Festival, INOTEK had the opportunity to hold a workshop with the theme “Biodegradable Plastic for Indonesia’s Future”. This workshop aims to provide knowledge about the impact of using plastics, introducing environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging and campaigning on a plastic diet. With the existence of Biodegradable plastic, it is expected to be able to substitute plastic and / or reduce the use of plastic as well as having a positive impact on the environment.

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