Assistance for the Sariwangi Preanger Cooperative, LET BE Indonesia Program

12 April 2022

Indonesia is known as one of the world’s best coffee bean producers. There have been many Indonesian coffee beans that have been exported and become prime abroad. The taste and distinctiveness of Indonesian coffee has a strong aroma and thick taste.

One of our incubates in the LET BE Indonesia program LPDB – KUMKM Incubator Facility is the Sariwangi Preanger Cooperative which is a coffee producer cooperative from West Java consisting of farmers and coffee processors that produce arabica coffee products that have been entered into Arabica Java Preanger coffee with a certificate issued by the Society for the Protection of Geographical Indications. This coffee has won Silver Gourmet at the AVPA championship in 2018 and ranked 9th in the SCAA championship in Atlanta.

On this occasion we have made a visit and business assistance to the Sariwangi Preanger Cooperative. This assistance was carried out as a business assistance and consultation on the results of the 2nd workshop and related to what are the obstacles in running a business business in terms of production, marketing, finance, etc.

Through this incubation activity, we will be able to help more and bring out the potential of this coffee producer cooperative so that it can further develop and provide welfare for members and the surrounding community.

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