Amin Ben Gas (ABG) Converter Kit for Small Fishermen

19 November 2019

One type of alternative energy source for the industry and transportation sector that can be used as motorized fuel is LPG, CNG, and LGV. Amin Ben Gas (ABG) – Converter kit is a tool to change the engine fuel system that previously used BBM to be converted into LPG fueled. Until now ABG has entered the 11th generation and will continue to be developed.

This technology has benefited fishermen in Tekong Village. These fishermen are fostered by ABG who has been fostered since 2010 and are now experts in Indonesia throughout energy conservation activities, to share knowledge with small fishermen. The coaching by Mr. Amin meant in the form of increasing human resources to become experts to improve the standard of living of the community. Guidance provided includes:

  1. Guidance for the manufacture of fishing boats made of fiberglass
  2. Fostering installation of the converter kit to the machine
  3. Fostering service of movers

Through this guidance, it is hoped that it can help small fishermen in carrying out daily activities to improve the standard of living of the community.

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