Aceh SRC Expo was succesfully held

27 December 2018

Inotek Foundation associated with PT. HM Sampoerna, Tbk has held the ACEH SRC (Sampoerna Retail Community) Expo in Banda Aceh on 23th December 2018.

The Aceh SRC Expo was held at Aceh Tsunami Museum, which coincided with the 14th anniversary of the Aceh Tsunami. The SRC Expo was attended by 200 SME’s and oppened by Mr. Iskandar, as Assistant 2 representing the Mayor of Banda Aceh. SRC is a Sampoerna empowerment program for traditional retails through store structuring education, marketing strategies and financial management.

Inotek Foundation as the implementing partner of the SRC Expo held a capacity building with two topics namely, the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and 30 marketing strategies to increase turnover. In addition the SRC Expo also organizes SME’s creative exhibitions and SRC retail transformation. Aceh SRC Expo is also a series of SRC Development Program activities which aims to increase the business capacity of SRC members in Aceh and to improve the Aceh economy.

The SRC Development Program consists of a series of structured and mentoring training events intensively for 6 months. The output of this program is that SRC members are increasingly skilled in doing business, carrying out continuous innovations, increasing their enthusiasm.

Through this program, it is expected that SMEs can develop and innovate in carrying out their businesses and improve the quality of SMEs so that they become modern retailers and can be competitive.

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