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Workshop 101 Transformasi Digital UMKM Kota Serang

Kamis, April 18, 2024



Business Consultant Team

  • Sandiaga Uno
    Sandiaga Uno
    Co Founder INOTEK
  • Ilham Habibie
    Ilham Habibie
    Board of Advisors INOTEK
  • Ari Handojo
    Ari Handojo
    Mentor of Finance & Business Management
  • Indra C Uno
    Indra C Uno
    Co-founder OK Oce
    Mentor of Capital & Business Management
  • Sunil Tolani
    Sunil Tolani
    CEO Calibreworks
    Mentor of Business Strategy & Digital Marketing
  • Richa Tan
    Richa Tan
    Trainer INTRAS
    Mentor of Marketing & Communication
  • Prijo Soetedjo
    Prijo Soetedjo
    Chairman Board of Directors Inotek
  • Diyanto Imam
    Diyanto Imam
    Accelerator Program Director Nexus Indonesia
  • Ivi Anggraeni
    Ivi Anggraeni
    Direktur Eksekutif INOTEK
  • Dewi Suryani
    Dewi Suryani
    General Manager INOTEK


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Applied Technology for Common Good

INOTEK Foundation is business incubator that supports the development of technologically-innovative start-up and small and growing businesses (SGBs) that serve Bottom-of-Pyramid (BOP) markets. INOTEK services to develop and disseminate applicative technology for commons good.

Your support to be a partner and/or donor will accelerate startups in developing their innovation and technology to provide positive impact for the community. Join us for the advancement of Indonesian technology.

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“I am very thankful to Inotek Foundation. The staffs, including the GM, are very supporting me as tenant. They share their expert, experience and knowledge in business development, finance, HR, legal, marketing and promotion. They also dedicate their time, not only during work hours, very supporting me to overcome the challenges at the best level they can do, both as institution and as personal.”
Noryawati Mulyono

Noryawati Mulyono

BIOPAC (Packaging from Sea Weed)

“INOTEK is indeed a place for startups who want to scale up their businesses. There will be no loss and regret if you have joined the programs. AABI had been facilitated by mentoring, coaching, funding, showcasing and the opportunity to go global. Thank you so much INOTEK for bringing AABI to get to this stage.”
Margiasih Putri Liana

Margiasih Putri Liana

Living Powder

“Inotek is an incubator that professionally raises the dignity of grassroots innovators through working capital assistance, administration and management. Through INOTEK, grass root innovators could make proven technology products for the community. INOTEK is the perfect place to grow your technology business.”
Mr. Amin

Mr. Amin

Amin Ben Gas (Konventer Kit)