Socialization of Biomass UB-03 Stove in Salatiga

On November 28, 2010, a socialization was held to explain how to operate biomass stove safely. It was held in the village of Pucung, Subdistrict of Bancak, District of Semarang, Central Java Province. The village is located approximately 12 km from the city of Salatiga. Located in the house of the head of Pucung Maju Cooperative, the event was attended by some 86 members of three women-empowering cooperatives , namely Pucung Maju Cooperative, Amanah Cooperative and Lestari Cooperative.

In this event, 350 units of Biomass stoves UB-03 were distributed. This stove was invented by Dr. Nurhuda, one of the innovators who receives business incubation facilitation from RAMP Indonesia, who came directly to explain how to use his stove. The event was also attended by representatives from Punden, a local NGO based in Nganjuk, East Java, by Most Indonesia and from INOTEK. All 350 stoves were funded by various donors, managed by KOPERNIK, an NGO based in Bali. KOPERNIK cooperated with Punden to distribute these stoves to community in Pucung Village. Each village resident who wants to get the stove must first become a member of the cooperative, with principal contribution starting from Rp20,000. While every other week, at the regular meeting, members must pay dues voluntarily with a minimum amount of Rp 1,000.

The cooperative members who are mostly housewives felt quite pleased with these stoves. It is very helpful because they are already accustomed to using biomass-fueled stoves; pieces of tree branches, twigs, dried corn cob and other biomass materials are widely available around the yard of their home in the village. However, the current stoves that they use, i.e. Pawon stove, are quite firewood consuming and wasteful. With this biomass stove, it is hoped that the quality of life of the community in this village will be improved because they can save the consumption of firewood, reduce tree felling and have cleaner kitchen since this stove produces little or no smoke.



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